Overview of FSA


FSA's vision has always been to become the benchmark engines manufacturing
company that provides high-quality and world-class end products and services to
its customers.

And indeed, FSA has so far delivered over 10,000 diesel engines, with cylinder
bores ranging from 160 to 350 mm (including some low speed 2-stroke engines).
These are installed onto vessels that sail all over the world, as well as in the
stationary power plants and railway trains in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. In
the Middle East and Africa in particular, SPP gets the support of its sister
company SPP, being a Lebanese-based power plant contracting company.

Alongside our main licensor MAN B&W Diesel, many Industry segments benefit
from our products (engines, spare parts) and services (machining, engine repair)
such as:
• OEMs who may become licensors to FSA
• Ship Builders
• General and Electromechanical Contractors
• Public Institutions and Utilities
• Industrial Facilities
• Private Developers
• IPPs

The FSA Advantage
• Quality products manufacturer
• Qualified and educated workforce
• Well-known brand in Europe and Asia
• Holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates
• High degree of specialization in the production of engines and associated machinery
• Licensee of MAN, a prominent engine manufacturer recognized with technical quality
• Own design office providing the ability to meet specific customer expectations
• Part of Energy Group with market reach, generating sets assembly (through MBH in
Germany) and EPC capabilities (through SPP in Lebanon)
• Located in Europe: Made in Europe advantage for many countries like Latin America,
the Middle East and African countries
• Long Experience (170 years since Cegieslki, the mother company started)
• Flexibility to offer fast delivery for most of engines

Manufacturing Facilities
• Total area : 51,580 sqm
• Built-up area of 32,294 sqm which includes:
- 13 production halls
- 1,550 sqm of offices, changing rooms and washbasins for staff

Remaining area is outdoor space, covering warehouse area of raw materials for production, support (scrap) area, loading area, entry and exit roads, walking paths, green belts and parking areas.

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